Department of Bio-Chemistry

Staff Name Designation Contact Number Profile
1 Thiru. G. Aldous Jenin M.Sc., M.Phil.Assistant professor 9976679460
2 Thiru. S. Murugan M.Sc., M.phil.Assistant professor 9486155735
3 Tmt. R. Florence Jebala M.Sc ., M.Phil.Assistant professor 9487188503
4 Tmt. S.R. Ramya M.Sc ., M.Phil.Assistant professor 9710475401
5 Tmt. T. Subha M.Sc .Assistant professor 9486883515
6 Tmt. F. Starlet Priya M.Sc., M.Phil.,PGDCAAssistant professor 9600624125
7 Tmt. J.R. Abima Shazhni M.Sc ., M.Phil.Assistant professor 8012167844
8 Tmt. S. Benitta Magi M.Sc ., M.Phil.Assistant professor 9488134898
9 Tmt. T. Vasanthi M.Sc ., M.Phil.Assistant professor 9443597909


Promotion of Research in Agriculture, Fisheries, Rare Earths and other Subjects of Scientific Importance


Promoting the cause of Higher Education and Advancement of the Physical Mental and Cultural Interest of the Down – Trodden Student Community


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